LDP Luxury Development Performance & MDC Strategic Partners

With a view to concretely supporting the development of Made In Italy at high-potential markets, LDP works in partnership with MDC Strategic Partners, a consulting firm headquartered in Miami. MDC Strategic Partners aims to support Italian companies wishing to expand their business in Miami, a key location of international luxury and a privileged access point to the American market. Support that translates into issues such as entry into the American market, local partnerships and support in all aspects related to bureaucracy and regulation. The synergistic partnership between LDP Luxury Development Performance and MDC Strategic Partners represents a combination of complementary expertise. LDP paves the way for Italian companies in the luxury sector, promoting their brand and products globally, while MDC provides the expertise needed to succeed in the U.S. business environment, particularly in Miami. Together, these two companies offer comprehensive support for Italian companies in the luxury sector aiming to expand in the United States, making the most of the business opportunities offered by this dynamic market. The partnership represents a strategic synergy to maximize the potential of Italian companies in the international luxury market.

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