MarketingAI, Human Factor and what makes the difference

AI, Human Factor and what makes the difference

Recently, someone asked me if I was concerned about Artificial Intelligence. I replied that you don’t become a driver just because you have a car in your hand. Technology, and fortunately I would add, cannot be stopped, but it is individuals who make the difference. All that is left is for us to learn and make the most of every new thing to get better day by day. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was very afraid. Too many variables, too many uncertainties, everything to learn. Over the years I have dealt with so many other entrepreneurs like me and in all of them I have found the same emotions. We are driven by dreams that make us challenge every obstacle, but sometimes we need someone to take care of something for us. We need trusted support, which is very different from asking for a service.  We need confrontation, a reasoned opinion, advice. We need order, when among too many projects we risk chaos. We need strategy, planning, stimulation.  Sometimes, even just an outlet.

Over the years I have had many experiences, some positive, some negative. I have made mistakes, I have learned, I have understood, I have tried to improve. Among the most valuable things I have learned is that while technically we can all continually upgrade and improve, the human factor always remains the variable that makes the difference. And empathy, sincere interest in the success of the interlocutor, a shared smile, have no calculable value.

My company is founded on this. Technically always striving for perfection in actions and services, humanly always present and close to each partner.

Because the human factor is the irrationality, the emotionality, the shared energy that make the difference.  

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds an airplane as he falls" - R. Hoffman

We fly together. And in this new adventure we promised ourselves to fly higher and higher, with a larger team, new services, new projects. And the same passion.

Ah no, I did not write this article with AI. Can you tell?


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