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About Us

A boutique marketing services company for those seeking tailor-made support, with maximum client attention and activities designed ad hoc to achieve the desired results. Specializing in the promotion of made-in-Italy excellence domestically and abroad, with a focus on brand building, strategy and the creation of a marketing mix tailored to partners' objectives. Welcome to LDP Luxury Development Performance srl


Our mission is to offer a tailored, cutting-edge and highly effective luxury marketing service focused on Made in Italy excellence. We are committed to working with Italian companies to develop customized communication strategies that amplify their visibility and success internationally. With passion, creativity and expertise, we strive to realize our clients' dreams and goals, contributing to the splendor of Italian craftsmanship and luxury productions around the world.


To be the global benchmark in elevating and promoting the image of Made in Italy excellence in the luxury world through innovative marketing strategies and world-class communication solutions.

Marketing In The World Of Luxury

Why Luxury Development Performance?

In the luxury sector, marketing strategies are often different than in mass markets. Marketing campaigns for luxury products focus on excellence, exclusivity, aspirational, and creating a distinctive experience for customers. Therefore, measuring the performance of such marketing strategies is essential to understanding the effectiveness of promotional activities and success in reaching target audiences.

Metrics of “luxury development performance” in marketing:

  • Sales: Measure the increase in sales or conversions related to luxury products or services as a result of specific marketing campaigns or activities.
  • Customer satisfaction: the customer in first place, at the center of the strategy, supported, listened to and valued through a constant relationship that pays attention to every detail, where professionalism is combined with empathy
  • Brand Awareness: it doesn’t start with activities, but with strategy. We build the brand together and work to develop its visibility in the target market with the appropriate mix of tools.
  • Performance: numbers. Thanks to technology, marketing has statistical data to start with and concrete results to measure. We evaluate audience engagement achieved through communication activities with tangible numbers, such as the number of website visits, social media interaction rate, and promotional email openings.
  • Development: customer value development. We work to grow the long-term value of our brands through specifically designed marketing activities.
  • Perception of luxury: We measure how the public perceives the luxury product or service and whether it is considered to live up to the expectations of a high-end market.

In summary, in the marketing world, the concept of “luxury development performance” is crucial for assessing the impact of marketing strategies on luxury products or services and for adjusting tactics to maximize the success and effectiveness of promotion campaigns.

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    Marketing in the world of luxury

    An evolving world

    Marketing in the luxury sector is undergoing a profound evolution, driven by increasing digitization and changes in consumer behavior. Today, more than ever, it is critical to adopt a targeted marketing strategy to stand out in both the Italian and global markets. Brand positioning remains crucial in luxury, with an emphasis on creating a perception of exclusivity, authenticity and craftsmanship. However, digitization has become a powerful ally, enabling access to a global audience through e-commerce, apps and immersive online experiences. Social media presence has become a priority as consumers seek authentic and engaging interactions. Targeted advertising on digital platforms makes it possible to reach specific audiences with personalized messages. In summary, a successful luxury marketing strategy today must balance traditional brand positioning with digitization, a strong social media presence, and targeted advertising. This mix allows the brand to emerge and thrive in both the Italian and global markets, captivating and engaging an increasingly demanding clientele.
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    If you're not online, you don't exist

    A website is critical for a company in the luxury sector for several crucial reasons: Global Exposure: A website provides a 24/7 channel for global exposure. Luxury companies can reach an international audience by showcasing their products and services globally, beyond geographic limitations. Customized Brand Experience: A website allows the company to completely control the customer experience. It can be designed to reflect brand identity and style in a unique way, creating a personalized luxury shopping experience. Detailed Information: In the luxury industry, details are critical. A website can provide extremely detailed information about products, including materials, craftsmanship, stories behind the brand, and more, enabling customers to make informed decisions. Luxury E-commerce: Luxury is not limited to physical stores. A website can host luxury e-commerce that allows customers to conveniently purchase high-end products from anywhere in the world, increasing sales opportunities. Not to mention prestige and credibility, direct communication with customers, and the opportunity to have data to analyze to get to know the audience better and better.
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    Why be on social media

    Social media in the luxury sector offers:- Global visibility across geographic boundaries. - Direct engagement with customers, creating strong relationships. - Creation of an exclusive and aspirational brand image. - Narration of the brand story, emphasizing craftsmanship and passion. - Impact of influencers in generating awareness and desire. - Exclusive product previews, events and collaborations for a sense of exclusivity. - Valuable feedback from customers and market research. - Sales stimulation through high-quality content and promotions. - Need to compete online in the luxury market. - Monitoring and analysis to constantly improve marketing strategies.
  4. New technologies in luxury marketing

    Toward an ever-faster future

    The future of luxury marketing looks exciting thanks to AI and the enrichment of the customer experience. AI enables advanced personalization, luxury chatbots, predictive analytics, and the use of augmented reality. In addition, AI integrates social media, leverages blockchain to ensure authenticity, and promotes an omnichannel customer journey. In sum, these technologies improve personalization, authenticity, and convenience for luxury customers, redefining luxury marketing.


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